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Ayshah Salaam

"Helping one person

might not change the world,

but it could change the world for one person"

Ayshah Salaam brings over two decades of experience in the health and wellness industry, starting her journey as a massage therapist in 2001. With a passion for both massage and skin care, she became a licensed Esthetician in 2005. Ayshah holds multiple certifications, including Board Certified Massage and Body Worker, as well as various specialized training in massage therapy, skincare, and more.

Her career spans working at prestigious spas such as Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa, Lifetime Athletic, and Equinox, as well as smaller establishments. Ayshah has served a diverse clientele, including celebrities, and has volunteered for charitable causes such as the Pink Ribbon Ride for Breast Cancer.

In 2011, Ayshah founded Safa Oasis, offering holistic services tailored to women. Adapting to changing circumstances, she transitioned her business online during the pandemic, launching La Bella Skincare Made Easy.



Ayshah remains dedicated to providing quality wellness solutions to her clients.

Ayshah Salaam since has moved to Texas and has Reestablished Safa Oasis.
You can now inquire about receiving massage therapy and spa services.

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